Aging With Grace
senior concierge service


services offered



Aging with Grace will take your list and return with everything on it! You choose the grocery store, your favorite brands, and we'll have it hand-delivered right to your door. In addition, Aging with Grace can help dispose of expired items while we restock the fridge together. 


In addition to grocery shopping, Aging with Grace can help complete your personal errands. Picking up prescriptions, shopping for gifts, delivering a favorite meal or picking up mail are only some of the many ways to utilize our Personal Errand Services.


Computer and technology services

Aging with Grace can help you "out-smart" your smart phone, smart TV or tablet! Our coaching moves at a pace tailored to each individual client and will ensure you get the most out of modern technology. 


Organizing, decorating or moving things around are just a few of the projects Aging with Grace can assist you with. We also help with photo albums and creating a chronological family history using the scraps, clippings and files within your home.



This is not your average companion care service. Since Aging with Grace is owned and operated solely by Grace herself, the level of services and accountability will always be the same. Genuine Companionship means not only having a sense of security leaving your loved one alone, but that time will be used to play board games, do puzzles, take walks or anything else they enjoy doing. Aging with Grace values the ability to have meaningful conversation and create fun for our clients. Whether you live alone and want a visitor or need a break from your own caregiving tasks, Aging with Grace will be there.


  • Laundry, folding and ironing
  • Waiting for home repair services, the cable guy, or large deliveries.
  • Pet assistance: dog walking, litter box cleaning and vet visits.
  • Scam Prevention: mail sorting and bill pay.

pricing varies based on hours of service
within a calendar week
1-4 hours = $25/hr
5+ hours = $20/hr
*extra fees apply for night and weekend hours*

light housekeeping

Let Aging with Grace take care of the house so you can enjoy your social life or restful time. Light housekeeping can include laundry, vacuuming or sweeping, wiping down the kitchen, taking the trash out and cleaning the bathrooms. It's a great way to prep for house guests or knock out some pesky to-do's you've enjoyed putting off. 


Whether weekly or daily, the routine check in services will provide peace of mind that your loved one is okay. This service is so valuable to those long distance relatives who cannot easily check in, or our clients who work full time and have families of their own. Each check in includes meaningful conversation, assistance with any chores or tasks, and will be followed by a text or email report. .

moving assistant

Aging with Grace has experience with the entire process of moving into senior communities. We provide supplementary services such a preparing paperwork, packing, wardrobe assessment and labeling as well as tips for decorating and organizing. Our services ensure nothing is overlooked when preparing for move in day. Clients trust Aging with Grace to facilitate a smooth move at an affordable price.