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senior concierge service

Aging with Grace, LLC

senior concierge service


senior concierge service

Aging with Grace provides luxury services designed for seniors who live independently and are not ready for contracted in-home care services. Aging with Grace offers popular services such as grocery delivery, laundry and ironing, light housekeeping and errand services. Additional services such as genuine companionship, organization, project completion, and other odd jobs are offered as well. While the services offered by Aging with Grace are tailored for seniors, they are used by clients of all ages. 


no contract required!

Aging with Grace provides flexible scheduling. We understand that our clients' needs vary in frequency, so we accommodate single use clients in addition to those who need us more often.


featured services

Grocery delivery

Aging with Grace will take your list and return with everything on it! You choose the grocery store, your favorite brands, and we'll have it hand-delivered right to your door. In addition, Aging with Grace can help dispose of expired items.


Computer and technology services

Aging with Grace can help you "out-smart" your smart phone, smart TV or tablet! Our coaching moves at a pace tailored to each individual client and will ensure you get the most out of modern technology. 



In addition to grocery shopping, Aging with Grace can help complete your personal errands. Picking up prescriptions, shopping for gifts, delivering a favorite meal or picking up mail are only some of the many ways to utilize our Personal Errand Services.



I can not think of a better person to offer this much needed service. I will celebrate [Aging with Grace’s] successes with enthusiasm knowing how genuine this service is to Grace and how beneficial it will be to those she helps.
— Erin L.

I have known Grace for many years and have watched her grow into one of the most compassionate people I know. That she has chosen a career helping to care for the elderly is no surprise. I have personally watched Grace interact with patients in hospice care. The connection she is able to make with seniors in need is a true gift.
— karen m.