Grace Draper



What It's Like to Start a Business in Your 20's Part 3: The Reveal

This is what a home office looks like when your cats are nosy.

This is what a home office looks like when your cats are nosy.

The scariest and most exciting part of starting your own business is telling people about it. When I started my business I felt so many different things, but mainly I was proud of myself. I had taken a risk to try and fulfill a dream I have had. I felt really good about it! But I was nervous to share it.

I was determined to have everything figured out so I could have "all the answers" to the questions I might get. I wanted to put together a list of policies and set boundaries for myself to keep my business going in the direction I intended. When you're the boss it can be easy to say "yes" and end up veering off in the wrong direction. While it produces income to say "yes" to everything, it can hurt your business long term. Knowing this made me want to ensure I knew every aspect of my business and business plan before I started telling others about it. It all ties back to how I wanted to be taken seriously: I wanted to show how seriously I take my business by preparing for as much as possible.

So, in the two weeks between forming my business and announcing it, I was combing every inch of my plan to fill any holes and narrow my services down. I also took a business class at the UMW Small Business Center to truly make sure I had crossed all my t's and dotted all my i's. Thankfully I had, and I left the class with some good information in addition to the confirmation that I was prepared. Lastly, I needed business cards. My good friend does branding with her business Twila & Co. and she designed my amazing logo. It was great to work with someone who knows me and my style, and we were able to knock it out in one afternoon. 

One week later I had everything I needed. I had a well groomed business plan, business cards and a networking meeting to attend! I quickly found out you can't prepare for everything (like suggestion to change your business name) but I was glad I spent that extra time solidifying what I could so that I had answers and marketing strategies ready from day one.

Even with all the planning I did, I have had to re-evaluate and re-design some aspects of my marketing materials, website, etc. as the business and I continue to grow. Find out what I learned in the first three months on tomorrow's blog!