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What is a Concierge Service?

Fredericksburg is full of senior care companies. It is a fantastic network of personal care, assisted living, hospice, memory care, companion care, transport... you name it and we have it. Aging with Grace is the first Concierge Service in our area. Since it's the first of its kind, I'm learning that people are unsure what I do when I first introduce my business. I figured that the best way to start my blog for Aging with Grace would be to outline the basics of what I do. 

If you have ever been to a luxury hotel or apartment complex, or seen one in a movie, you may have noticed how the front desk will do various tasks for the guests and residents of their building. These concierge services are part of the tenants' fancy lifestyle, allowing them to sip martinis in their spare time because they don't have to do 'peasant tasks' like pick up dry cleaning or buy groceries. The Concierge takes care of it for them!

Pretty Woman (1990)

Pretty Woman (1990)

What a Concierge Service can do for you:
Swamped at work? A concierge can make sure your pantry is stocked, dry cleaning is picked up and baby shower present is purchased + wrapped, so you can go into the weekend prepared, ready to enjoy your time off.
Checking in on a loved one? A senior concierge service can give you some time off with check in services, grocery delivery and a game of cards, all followed by a quick report or photo. 
Living independently, but find yourself slowing down? Let a concierge service take care of the laundry, basic chores, and grocery or personal shopping so you have the energy to keep up when the grandkids visit. 
Facing a move into a senior living community? An experienced senior concierge service can help pack, label items, help plan for the day-of logistics, and ensure all paperwork is understood + complete in time.

While I may not be serving my clients to allow them the time to sip martinis in their Givenchy, the services I provide enable my clients to let go of physical and emotional stress -- a luxury for many. Having a concierge service to go grocery shopping or do laundry can reduce risk of injury when it comes to lifting, stooping or balancing heavy items. Additionally, taking a few time consuming tasks off of your plate will give you time to rest, take some alone time, or spend quality time with those closest to you. 

Many companies have a niche and offer a few specialized services under one umbrella category. With a concierge business, I have a hand in many different tasks. My umbrella is crowded. To manage all my different tasks, though, I refer clients who begin to have greater needs to one of the specialized companies. On the flip side, someone who may not need enough assistance to work with one of the specialized companies can start with a concierge service.         

In short, think of Aging with Grace as your Personal Assistant, only with a compassionate approach and expertise in senior services. And if you're sipping martinis in your spare time as a result of my services, maybe I am doing more things right than I originally thought! 

The World is Not Enough (1999)

The World is Not Enough (1999)