Grace Draper




Grace Draper



Welcome to my website!

I'm the owner of Grace Draper, Design and Concierge Services.

My experience includes event planning, senior care, photography, marketing and design.

My concierge services are what started my business. I created services that were tailored toward independent senior citizens who live alone or have minor health issues. I am able to go into their homes and complete odd jobs. I deliver groceries, take the trash out, lift heavy objects, organize cabinets and closets... you name it! Most of my clients hire me to help out once a week, others only need me once a year. 

Design is the newest addition to my business. I create event fliers, websites and write copy. I also design and write social media content for small businesses. I am able to collaborate with my clients and create pieces unique to their vision. I'm always in search of the perfect aesthetic with my projects. Whether big or small, I create an articulated masterpiece with each design.

As the sole owner and provider of the services I offer, I take pride in the quality of services and designs. Each client and project are important and unique to me. I look forward to working with you on our next project!




University of Mary Washington
Bachelor of Arts, 2014